Real Estate Trends in 2020

By Shivani in Real Estate

Real Estate Trends in "2020"

With the starting of New Year 2020,Real Estate investors and homeowners would like to know the expected real estate trends in 2020.Despite the weakness in the economy, real estate remained stable in 2019 and could revive in the new year. Housing prices either  fell or remained flat. Among the launches which were many, 61% were in the affordable housing segment.

It is expected  the gross domestic product (GDP) growth to touch 6-6.5% by next year. It is also expected that  the real estate sector to maintain its momentum. The property buyers have more confidence, due to the transparency in the industry. It’s time to explore the upcoming trends in real estate.

Investment in second homes

Considering housing loans are cheaper and property prices are stable, it makes perfect monetary sense to buy end-user property in 2020. The same is true for you to plan and earn rental income by investing in a second property.

Rising demand for rental properties

As more and more people defer their plans to buy a home in the current scenario, the rental housing segment in India is doing better business, including the co-living segment. However, states have yet to

to pay any attention to the model tenancy law launched 2019. Rental housing could become more organised if states act upon the model law and come up with their rules in this respect.

Home Loans May fall further

With GDP growth touching an over six-year low of 4.5 per cent in Q2 FY20, signs of growth remain elusive despite a 135 basis point (bps) reduction in rates through the course of 2019 by the banking regulator, Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Banks, on the other hand, havent been able to pass on the benefit to borrowers because of the stress in their own liquidity conditions. As the RBI is expected to lower policy rates further to fuel demand, banks may offer lower interest housing loans in 2020.


Consumers rights will be more protective

Real estate authorities are making a positive change as market regulators. In states like Maharashtra and Haryana, buyers can already see a change in the market as state RERAs pressurise builders to be clean in their dealings. Also, justice is being delivered much faster than the regular judicial system. As authorities in other states catch up, this could be a country-wide phenomenon.


In 2020, the Real Estate Prices are expected to rise in the major cities. With the demands increasing, a hike in price is on the cards.