Real Estate-The Best and Safest Investment you can Make Today

By Shivani in Real Estate

Real Estate cannot be Lost or Stolen now can it be carried away purchased with common sense,Paid for in full and managed with Reasonable Care.It is about the Safest Investment in the World.

90% of millionaires got their wealth by Investing in Real Estate. We wanted to know: Is this still true? Is investing in real estate still a good idea?

People who made millions by investing in Real Estate, the answer is a Resounding Yes.

‘Owning made Gains.’

Trump Towers

“Buying Real Estate has made tremendous Gains” — mostly through necessity, not by design. People buy their first apartment after scraping together a few bucks because they need to live somewhere.

Few years later, the investment doubled in value, giving them enough cash to plunk down 50% on a one-bedroom apartment. That soon rolled into a two-bedroom, then a three-bedroom, and finally land in a Big Apartment.

“Buying from a small investment was the most important decision people make because it got them in the game.”

  ‘Residential Properties can generate Income Year-Round.’

“Investing in real estate is a great idea if you are in it for the long haul, not a quick return.

Your best bet is investing in residential properties that produce rental income year-round. Just make sure you understand all of the associated legal fees and are prepared for unexpected costs.”


 ‘The Right Investment will continue to Appreciate.’

Ambience Creacions

“Real estate is real, and it’s always a good idea to put your money in real assets. That doesn’t mean that all real estate is a good idea.”

We only buy certain types of Properties, generally Multifamily ones in Upscale Locations that provide consistent cash flow and great potential for Future Appreciation.

And Generally we stay away from low-income areas and single-family homes. But even those assets are probably a better place to store your money than letting cash depreciate while sitting in the bank!

‘Right time to Invest in Real Estate 2020’

M3M Golf Estate

Real estate is a bankable asset, so you can always leverage it. It also doesn’t tie up a lot of cash. You can put down as little as 10% and use banks’ money to grow your investment. With such low interest rates, that’s like free money.

Unlike the stock market, where many factors are out of your control, your investment can’t disappear overnight. You can also build your wealth with excellent return rates and tax advantages.

The only people who lose money in real estate are those who bought at the height of the market and sold at the wrong time or took too much equity out of their home, leaving no profit margin when they sold it. It often takes time to see big appreciations, but if you hold on to your investment, you will.

‘Real Estate Offers Unlimited Options.’

“Real Estate is always a great investment because you have more options than with other types of investments.

If you invest in stocks, bonds, or a private offering, your success is completely dependent on factors outside of your control. At most, your options are to hold or sell. With real estate, you have unlimited options.

You can buy a house with the intent of flipping it, then rent it if the market turns south. If you buy a rental that appreciates in value significantly, you can sell it. Real estate can be refinanced, rehabbed, and rezoned. You can develop it, lease it, subdivide it, or add parcels to it.

These are just a few of your options. This flexibility is one of the reasons it has created more millionaires than any other asset class.

‘People will always need a Place to Live.’

“There’s an opportunity for greater and more consistent returns with real estate than with other investments. When a property is built, it’s because a group of people see a population large enough to justify it.

“The sheer number of new properties each year is a testament to the growing real estate market. Supply follows demand, and demand is continuing to rise. Populations almost never decrease, which is why the need for housing increases year over year.

The market for multifamily apartments in particular is growing. As apartments become more attractive, people are less likely to buy houses. With Multifamily Apartments, you continue to generate increasing income over time.

Once the property stabilizes, you can collect returns for your investors until you decide to sell. There’s also demand year-round wherever you go.”

‘You can invest in land that produces income.’

“Many businesses come and go, but there’s one thing we’ll always need: land.

There’s an inherent demand for real estate, whether the land produces a product like coffee or is home to an apartment or retail space; so it will always be a good investment. No matter what kind of business you run, you need land.

Investing in real estate allows you to protect yourself and your wealth. While the Real Estate Market has gone up and down, it has never declined over time.

Over time, you will always get value from Real Estate that produces Income — like a Farm, for example. Even better if you choose Property with Inherent Value.